Match Report
Merchiston Castle School B3 vs  George Watson's College
On: Saturday, 05 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

With it being a 61-nil loss, you might be forgiven for thinking it was a very bad afternoon for the would be wrong... It was a morning fixture!

..And yet even then, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Let me explain.

Positive points!

1. The Coach, Rev Blair, had no selection dilemmas....these were the only available 15 players! At least 3 key players from last week moved up.

2. The fact that everyone of them gave everything....and did not give up...speaks volumes, as did the smiles on the faces at the end ( there was disappointment but a certain amount of self deprecating humour) I asked the boys what the score was they replied 0-0. ( they were half right!)This is what I had told them to think after each score....a fresh start...we win the next part of the match.

3. We almost scored 3-4 times...great running from Edu, Grig and Jules and Nate...only for us to snatch a forward pass or fumble from the jaws of a certain 5 points.

4. Aaron’s superb performance as tackler and as Captain...won him a very deserved Shaughnessy. Mrs S continues to be very impressed with his attitude and application. “The Merchiston supporters” unanimously agreed with Mrs Shaughnessy’s decision ( Thank you very much Aaron’s Dad for being “the Merchiston supporters”)

5. We behaved and looked like a team on and off the pitch. Much better organisation and rucking (Ali!) , superb defence ( needed quite a bit) except on a mere 10 occasions.

6. Coach’s favourite moment, a boy who only started playing rugby 4 weeks ago ( you know who you are!) coming off the pitch nose bleeding...immediately asking “ When can I go back on again”

wishes for next week. A defensive line that closes down the space...15 tacklers like Aaron...Better handling as the try line approaches...A new shoulder for LM... Santa brings extragum shields early,

If this were a boxing match, Watson’s deservedly won on points...but it wasn’t a knockout or a capitulation. Many thanks to the Watson’s coach and the referee for a completely understanding approach. We look forward to our next encounter... 16 players, 15 gumshields, 8 nations, 1 team!