Match Report
Merchiston Castle School B3 vs  Levenmouth Academy
On: Thursday, 23 Jan 2020
Venue: Away

By ‘popular’ demand, a belated match report! This may prove to be the last match for this years B3s , but what a match! A rather lumbering unfit referee failed to spoil the occasion ( yes it was me! ) and the match was played in great spirit...full credit to Levenmouth. In rather time honoured fashion we failed to get off the aggressive and physical Levenmouth team literally barnstormed to a 26-5 lead at half time. A Merchiston tackle was as rare as Steak Tartare. Perhaps it was the half time talk ( one likes to pretend) ...perhaps the boys simply decided that they actually rather enjoyed playing Rugby...but the second half marked such a transformation that it is difficult to explain. 2 quick tries and belief starts to grow 26-19..... then a really silly penalty on our own 5 metre line ....33-19 ....we seemed as far away as ever....Then Patricio pressed the booster button and played an absolutely magnificent 20 mins ( he had also given away the really silly penalty). He tackled giants, ran like a gazelle...cliche was heaped upon cliche. And at the end of a breathless ( particularly the ref) 20 mins we were 33-38 up. In the last 2 mins we gave away 2 really silly penalties ( theme! ) inside our 22 ... the barnstormers of Levenmouth lined up for the winning score.....and knocked on! The totally impartial, breathless and relieved ref blew for full time.

Great performances from Calum, Adrian, Patricio, David and Chi.